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the easiest, most complete
IFTA fuel tax reporting software
for truckers

Prepares quarterly reports for all IFTA jurisdictions.

Works seamlessly with fuel cards.

No more headaches due to mistakes and lost information.

The best protection from crippling fines, penalties, or interest charges.

Designed from the ground up by industry experts of 35 years.

Based on feedback and testing from trucking companies like your own.

ELDs are coming.
Now more than ever, you need to be compliant.

eTrucks is...

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"It's very easy to use. I have no problem. It's very self-explanatory. It's less paperwork. More cost efficient. I can do fuel tax myself, when before I had someone else doing it for me. I had to gather all the information and send it out, but now I have access to all the information.
It doesn't take me long at all."

-Aitza Acevedo, Continental Produce Transport, Orlando, FL

"We have always sent our fuel tax out to be completed.
I am trying to show my boss that we can do it in the office to save time instead."

- Ann Maxwell, T. Mann Carriers Inc., Whitby, ON

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More About eTrucks
(An Axon Company)

While eTrucks is fairly new, we come from one of the most experienced and trusted names in the transportation software industry for the last 35 years - Axon Development Corporation.

Axon Software is for real-time total business management, including dispatching, CRM, financials, accounting, payroll, warehousing, fuel tax, and more. Due to extensive demand from trucking companies who were knocking on our door with only one thing on their mind, we knew it was time for a standalone Fuel Tax Program.

The people had spoken, so eTrucks was launched in September 2016, with one simple idea:

To offer the most easy-to-use and effective fuel tax software at a competitive price.

We think we've done that, but don't only take our word for it!
Here is some wonderful feedback that actual eTrucks users have shared with us:
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"I print off reports and send them to the drivers. Not only does it show the drivers which states they need to start purchasing fuel, but it also allowed them to see the MPG their trucks are running. This software is the most informative by far for IFTA submissions."

- Kimberly Cayen, RP Trucking, Simcoe, ON

- - -

"I'm not a smart geek with computers, but show me this once and it's like boom boom. A kid could do it. I was looking for something like this, and I found it."

- Adam Nicgorski, Prowell Logistics, St Catharines, ON

- - -

"We used the program for the last quarter and we are currently using it for this one. It is the easiest program to use for fuel tax reporting that we have ever used. We no longer have to worry about keeping our information organized or stored. The program does it for us. "

- Jonathan Gibson, Gibson Trucking LLC, Baconton, GA

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"I have already recommended this program to other friends that work in the industry. I do find it very easy to understand."

- Ann Maxwell, T. Mann Carriers Inc., Whitby, ON


eTrucks is truly the easiest, most complete IFTA fuel tax reporting software on the market today.

For the competitive low price of:

$24.95 USD per truck, per month

$14.95 USD /truck /month

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You will receive:

- Accurate IFTA reports (per quarter, per month, or per truck)
- Automatic IFTA rate updates
- Seamless fuel card imports
- Automatic cross-border unit conversions (km/mi, L/gal)
- The best protection from crippling fines, penalties, and interest charges
- 6 years of data retention (beyond IFTA compliant)
- A user-friendly experience
- Powerful tools for organization and storage
- Access on any web-capable device
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And listen,

We are so confident that eTrucks will be perfect for you,
that for a limited time only we will even let you
try it out completely risk free.

If you sign up now, the first month is on us!


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